Summer activities and motorcycling

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Motorcycle through Kärnten and the Biker week!

Borderless Bike satisfaction on the south side of the Alps.

Carinthia’s, the sunny south Austria, has got climate good conditions and is a perfect stay for biker friends. Biking between the mountains and the lakes. From the Grossglockner, the highest mountain of Austria, till the hottest lakes from Austria. Carinthia’s lies also between the Germans, Slavish and Romansch world. Three cultures in a few kilometres nearby. Carinthia is the Eldorado for bikers. Touring ways on curving ways, romantic Panorama routes and wonderful lake streets. The roads are perfectly, the signs are easy to read and quick help in case of emergency, gives the biker a satisfied feeling when they are on their way in Carinthia’s quite roads.

European Bike Week/Harley Meeting

In 2019, from 3rd till the 8th of September, is the 23th European Bike Week in Faaker See and then there will come thousands of visitors and Harley-fans again to this region. When you don’t ride a bike by yourself, you can go with the S2 from Steindorf/Bodensdorf to Villach. From there you can go in Villach by Postbus-shuttle to the Faaker See.

Harley Davidson Parade

The parade start normally the Saturday at 12.00 am in Faak am See and go further trough Finkenstein, Villach, around the Ossiacher See, through Feldkirchen, to Rosegg and then back again to the Faaker See.

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There is so much to see and to do here in this beautiful surrounding, we can’t tell you all at our website but here you can see some things you, for example can do. Please, when you will arrive, we can tell you so much more!

Walking in the mountains / Nordic Walking

There are many short and long walks possible, all with stunning views. But also when it rains!


Advice for walking safely:

  1. If possible, do not walk alone and always have a watch, mobile phone and possibly GPS with you;
  2. Let us know your walking route or destination before you go, if you plan to go on a very long walk;
  3. Check the weather forecast before you leave. Be sure to take the correct clothing in case the weather suddenly changes;
  4. Wear firm walking shoes, take warm clothing as well as water-proof clothing with you (also during the warm summer months) and do not forget to take water and some food with you;
  5. Do not go walking too late in the day, because you may not reach your desired destination or you may not be able to turn back in time;
  6. Always follow the sign posts;
  7. Finally: always take your own litter back with you to the valley. Thank you!


In the summertime at the top of Gerlitzen there is also plenty to do for children and very young children. There are many different fun kids’ activities, from games to a toboggan run. Parents and children can enjoy this together!

There are tourist offices everywhere, where you can receive information about nice long walks as well as difficult routes, with or without a walking guide. However, all high alpine trips are only advisable for advanced mountain climbers. Of course, we also have much more information and tips available at our reception.

Mountain bike trips

There is a bicycle path of approximately 45 kilometres around Ossiacher See. This is a fantastic, sporty and fun way to enjoy this stunningly beautiful lake.

Online bicycle-reservation in Bodensdorf: / tel: +43 650 26954 14


It is well worth the effort to drive all the Alpenstraßes, for example the Nockalmstraße, Villacher Alpenstraße and Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße.



Water sport activities including diving / hire a boat / sail

Many water sports, including diving, windsurfing and banana behind a boat.

Sunbathe and swim

The water of the Ossiacher See, one of the three warmest lakes in Carinthia, reaches a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

Town visits

is definitely worth a visit to the cities:

Lake visits

Visit the lakes in our area:

You can go for a lovely cruise on the Ossiacher See. The Ossiacher See Schifffahrt has a restaurant and bar on board.