Winter Activities

Ski Center ‘Gerlitzen’

Gerlitzen has approximately 60 kilometres of ski slopes, a Fun park, and for the entire winter season children can enjoy the Bino Beer Show in the Kinder- en Snowbärland. The Gerlitzen Winter season begins in early December, when all the ski schools also open.

In addition, the Stella Ronda Snow Challenge is held every year. This Challenge is a ski show and lasts for a few consecutive weeks. The show is very enjoyable and great fun to watch.

Every Friday during the winter season skiing and snowboarding competitions are organized, including time registration and an official awards ceremony.

Route 22 ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ is for all free riders, immediately under the Neugarten 8-sitzer Carving Jet.


Other activities


Iceskating at the Weißen See

Visit the skating event at the Weißen See. This depends of course on the winter weather in January or February and whether there is enough ice. This is the alternative Eleven Cities Tour in Austria, one of the world’s largest skating events with 3,000 active participants. Since 1989, this sports event has been held annually and it is lots of fun, like the Eleven Cities Tour in the Netherlands.

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